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When she's not touring, you can find her hosting an eclectic comedy show, "Women Crush Wednesdays," every (wait for it) Wednesday at the Hollywood Improv Lab. It's a classic journalism-school assignment: Find something that makes you uncomfortable and do it.

That's how Rachel Weeks found stand-up comedy in 2013, while attending Drake University in Iowa -- by talking to working comedians, seeing her first show, and giving it a try herself.

A third-generation resident of the nation's 49th state, Anderson hosts the X-Rock Morning Show on KXLR 95.9, which is actually recorded in a cabin. Having worked in Alaska radio for more than 30 years, Anderson has performed alongside comedians headlining national tours, but continues to relish the small-town feel of Alaska open mics.

And in any case, taking his comedy career to the next level would mean less time in Alaska, and it's not worth it to Glenner.

"A place where winters are much more mild than much of the country that gets slammed with freezing rain, snow storms, traffic messes, school closures, etc. He communes every summer with a group of friendly grizzly bears, and can make the calls of more than two dozen birds using just his hands and mouth.

Alaska winters can get a bit cold, but it is a still, dry cold, and rather uneventful." You'd be hard-pressed to find a comedian with deeper Alaskan roots than Glenner Anderson. OK, that last sentence is made up, but you get the idea!

"The first time I did stand-up was at a talent show for Public Allies Delaware when I was in Ameri Corps," he tells us.

"It was really bad and awkward but I was hopped up on adrenaline and just being happy I didn't work the night shift at a supermarket anymore." , two quintessential Florida shows that film in Miami, the actor and comedian has played at venues across the state and got his start in 2009 at the Fort Lauderdale Improv at the Hard Rock Casino.

In selecting the 50 funny people below, we talked to comedy clubs and comedians working in each state, scoured You Tube and other platforms, and sat through countless hours of performances.

Unfortunately, we can only choose one worthy candidate from among this throng of hopeful stand-ups, and Marcella Arguello is more than worthy.

She refuses to back away from what might generically be called "controversial" topics, but what we'll say are "regular, everyday subjects that affect all people" -- race, gender, sexuality, and so much more.

New York and Los Angeles have long been the hubs of American comedy, with Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and a handful of other major American cities acting as regional beacons for hopeful stand-ups.

But we wanted to know, because no one ever seems to ask: Who's hilarious in Hawaii, funny in Florida, killing in Kentucky, and slaying in South Dakota right now?

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