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These classes provide a way to expose one or more rowsets and a mechanism to update the data.

The Data Adapter is not really a new idea born with ADO.

Ironically, this approach is the one most likely to work with the Data Adapter's Command Builder – used to generate the action queries to update the fetched data.

One of the most respected product managers at Microsoft quipped that the Command Builder should be renamed the "Command Don't Use Builder".

It also sports a facility to automatically generate the action queries – but regrettably, only for "home" database challenges.

However, in most business applications, especially those that have to scale up to support dozens to thousands of users and work with thousands to millions of rows, how you fetch and update the data is critical to a successful application.

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The Command Builder is a class used to construct the action SQL that changes the data specified in the Data Adapter Select Command.

Assuming the single-table query approach won't work for your application, you should examine the outcome of a "multiple resultset" query.

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