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Él trata de entrenar a Yeon Ae sobre SNS, pero a pesar de la experiencia que presume, sin embargo, él también falla siempre en conseguir su propia chica.

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Joo Yeon Ae (Bo A) has had a tough time with relationships because she is attracted to the “bad boy” type of guys who are always mistreating her or are otherwise completely unreliable.

These scripts were used by scammers to perpetrate catfishing and romance frauds.

They were cited as evidence in the trial of Olayinka Sunmola, who was sentenced to 27 years in prison for mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy, and interstate extortion.

I agree this is boring compared to other kbs short drama. Not to mention, majority of the scenes are all about the two main cast texting each other. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie series, it made one think of the many obstacle that one goes through to get the thing called happiness or love (HA! Thank you to all those who made this movie series a wonderful piece of art to watch. I freaking hooked..it to come one wednesday and thursday and compete with two weeks and master sun it never had a chance to grow.

While cast in this are so-so for me and the drama is too dull and have pretty shallow storyline.

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