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Because of Lindsay's withdrawal from Danny, their relationship for most of Season 3 is professional and strained.In "The Lying Game," Lindsay leaves for Bozeman to testify for the state against Daniel Kadence, the man accused of murdering her 3 friends and the waitress.After the trial in Montana, they began a relationship that turned intimate in Snow Day.However, the relationship seemed rocky if not ended by the end of season 4, when Danny cheated on her with another woman.Later on, Lindsay recalls how their evening of drinking and playing pool ended up with them having sex on the pool table.

In episode 302, "Not What It Looks Like," Danny's true feelings for Lindsay emerge; he protests when she volunteers to go undercover and embraces her after her near-fatal situation is diffused.Though disappointed, he still offers his support to her.Lindsay's reason for rebuffing Danny is later revealed to be un-dealt with trauma pertaining to the senseless murder of her friends when she was a teenager.In the following episode, "Love Run Cold," Danny is shown to have asked Lindsay on a real date but she did not show.When confronted by Danny about their relationship, she tells him that although she "likes him a lot," she cannot be in a relationship with him at the moment.

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