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However, as game technologies increased, players were given more strategic and complex options.In 1994, was released as a popular dating sim with a highly praised, nonlinear game progression.In 1996, Harvest Moon was released as a farming simulation game with dating sim elements.Players mainly focus on restoring and maintaining a farm passed down by the main character’s grandfather.Created by an all-women team, Angelique “set up the specifics and conventions of women’s games: a focus on romance, easy controls and utilizing other multimedia”.There was a fantasy element, where the goal of the game was to become an almighty Queen that rules the cosmos.Another thing to note is that dating sims are not exactly simulation games that portray a couple’s relationship, but typically an adventure and management game where love becomes a measurable resource that must be earned through correct player decisions and character stats within a predetermined time limit.Dating sims are often also social sims, as both games involve making choices that affect the player character’s stats and relationship with other characters.

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Selecting the right choice at the right time simply leads the player down the route that wins the heart of the love interest at the end.

As a result, the game encouraged careful planning and allowed dating sims to be much more strategic, rather than playing like a linear visual novel.

While the mechanic remains unrealistic to real-life dating relationships, the game is considered to be one of the biggest dating sim franchises, spawning multiple games, some very recently.1994 was also the birth of games, dating sims specifically catered towards young girls.

When someone thinks about video games, their first thought is likely to be action platformer or first person shooter.

But what about games where the objective isn’t to physically fight and defeat a strong enemy?

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