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The young women laughed at her certainty — after all, up until then Meera had barely shown interest in dating, let alone marriage. And she wasn't "casting positive thoughts into the universe" or setting unrealistic expectations, either.Like generations of Gujarati Indians before her, Meera had enlisted her family to find her a husband.While the practice of arranged marriage dates back thousands of years, it remains commonplace in many parts of the world, especially South Asia.In 2016, a study of Indian youth found 84 per cent of those married were in arranged unions.Growing up, Meera had no intention of asking her parents for an arranged marriage.

"There's a lot of confusion about whether an arranged marriage is forced in some way — it never is, forced marriage is an entirely separate issue," she says.I think Australian women are becoming more open to the idea of Indian men but I would say 90% of Aussie women aren't interested.Humour is what will get your foot in the door, if the guy I’m dating wasn't so funny, intelligent and charismatic I wouldn't have thought twice about him.But the tradition has changed dramatically in the last 50 years, according to Australian National University Ph D student and Mumbai resident Nonie Tuxen."If you speak to a lot of people here in India over the age of, say, 75, many of them did not see or speak to their spouse prior to their wedding," she says.

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