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You can't say you're in a relationship until you've seen this person from top to bottom.It’s confusing when sex and love are so closely intertwined.Dairy Milk has acquired new sub-brands, as the chocolate is augmented with cheaper ingredients such as chunks of biscuit - Dairy Milk Oreos, Dairy Milk Popcorn, Dairy Milk Golden Biscuit - and similar tactics are now being applied to Creme Eggs.Fewer Eggs and "different" milk chocolate all amount to the same thing - extracting the same or improved profits while employing less expensive raw materials.Just because that couple on Facebook is making out in front of lakes and taking selfies in the bedroom doesn’t mean they’re going to last.There’s a good probability their lust will fizzle out before they realize how lame they truly are.People say that lust leads to love, but I think it usually leads to a night of hot sex.Contrary to popular belief, sex isn’t an indicator of love. It’s an important part of every romantic relationship, but that's it.

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You know you’re in love when you care more about your partner than you care about yourself. Remember how you used to daydream about your partner when you were at work?The fallout is tremendous, because both Creme Eggs and Dairy Milk are not just confection brands but edible time capsules that take consumers back to their childhood with every mouthful.When Cadbury's mess with them, they mess with people's most treasured memories. Well, even the dumbest consumer can count, and tell a six-pack from a five-pack.Some retailers have reduced prices to accompany the reduction in egg numbers - but some have not. The truth is that separating the contents of a Creme Egg from the shell is a tricky and messy business - part of the appeal of the things being the difficulty in eating them. Now - why is all this trauma being inflicted upon chocolate consumers?But when the chocolate is consumed without the goo, it still tastes overwhelmingly sweet, with subsidiary flavours (and the texture) of vegetable fat and barely a hint of dairy. It is not the evilly-motivated machinations of a multinational slaughtering the sacred tastes of nation on the altar of profit - though Cadbury's is owned these days by Mondelez, which in itself is a new name for Kraft Foods.

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    Under the law, marriage is considered a contract and laws are set up to protect the one who wishes to break the contract, not the one who wishes to continue in the contract.

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