Mellody hobson dating george lucas

Lucas’ wife, Ariel Investments President , who will serve as museum board chair, stopped by The Times to discuss the project.Accessibility and diversity are top of mind in terms of the visitors the museum will attract and the types of art it will show, Hobson said, including fine-art paintings and photography as well as comic book illustration and “Star Wars” costumes.” And he thought it would be great to point to, for example, the Science Center and say, “Go across to the science museum and look at real science, go to the Natural History Museum and look at dinosaurs,” to show where ideas come from.We also wanted to be here because we’d have so many schools around us, and we saw that we’d have a captive audience, not to mention the tourists that we think will come.

And they said: “We want you to build that museum.” So he always knew, with that commitment of having been awarded Letterman Digital Arts, that he’d be building a museum.Because he never, in his wildest dreams, imagined the museum would be in the Midwest.I thought Chicago was ripe for the opportunity and that we had good relationships.Norman Rockwell — even though we think of him as a great American artist, in a lot of museums he has not garnered that kind of attention.And it’s this kind of accessibility that we’re trying to bring — not looking down on any art. Our sense is there will be a cinematheque, so films will be shown every day and that will be a part of the function of the building. It’s the seed collection from the Lucas family, and we’ve been acquiring for the last few years, Don [Bacigalupi, museum founding president] has been part of those acquisitions, filling out the collection in areas where he thinks it’s not yet ready for prime time.

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