Michael jordon dating

With that being said, the documentary illuminates how underappreciated Jordan was as a baseball player.

Sure, he wasn’t Barry Bonds, but he made key adjustments over the span of just one season that takes some players three years to accomplish.

A few months after Michael won his third straight NBA title, James was murdered as he slept in his car on the side of a highway in North Carolina.

An emotional Jordan talks about the ordeal and how he knew it was his time to bid adieu to the sport.

“I’m back.” Two words that lit up the hearts of sports fans everywhere.

Perhaps trying baseball offered the test (and distraction) he so desperately needed.

Jordan once asked beat reporters to avoid writing about the birth of his first child because it was before he married the baby’s mother. And once you burned Michael, there was no going back.

ran a cover story implying Michael was an embarrassment to baseball when he played for the minor leagues.

Jordan is a six-time NBA Champion, six-time Finals MVP, five-time NBA MVP, 14-time NBA All-Star, 10-time NBA scoring champ and back-to-back Slam Dunk Contest champion. Jordan's relentless hard work, natural basketball ability and passion for the game influenced the sport and the world in a way we'll never see again. 23 consistently rose to every challenge presented, setting the bar higher and higher with each passing season.

film portrays an alternate version of events during Jordan's first retirement from the NBA in 1993 and his ultimate comeback in 1995, albeit with a Looney Tunes twist.

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