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Users can swipe up to "wave" at the potential friend, or swipe down to say "maybe later." If both moms swipe up on each other, they become friends on the app.

Users can schedule meet ups, ask advice and create group chats.

You may know how crazy it can be to coordinate with an ex when it comes to visitation and finances.

So you might be tempted to let it slide if a guy doesn’t see his kids often “because his ex is crazy” or he “wasn’t ready to be a dad.” But don’t.

If he didn’t compliment your dress or ask about your day, he’s not the one.

Texting is an easy way to communicate a quick hello or an “I’m running late,” but face it, dating as a single mom is different than dating as a single woman.

“The key difference is that this is only about women who are moms, there is nothing else on there,” she explained.You can’t fix him, so, wish him well and run away, mama. When I moved to a small town in Washington state in 2002, I had toddler twins and a husband who worked 80-hour weeks. Even after meeting friends at church, no other moms seemed to have my same interests, or kids the same ages as mine.“It’s all about motherhood, there is no other noise.” is another option, claiming to be the space to “make friends with moms that live near you, with kids the same age.” This app looks more like the interface you see on Facebook, but again is only for moms.Audrey Poulin, CEO and co-founder of the app, says because it’s moms only, the app has become a place where women tend to open up a lot.

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