Morgan fairchild dating who dating who zac efron

His two boys were like 5 and 7 and the girl was 10 or so. She also starred in the AIDS education and prevention video Safe Sex for Men and Women.

You can tell I'm a fan of Morgan I also saw her on Larry King. In addition, she's a member of the Entertainment Industry’s AIDS Task Force and has lead several other fundraising projects to fight the disease. Obviously you can't read or just ignore what others have written.

AND she was Jane Fonda's stand in during the filming of "Barbarella". As I said, I think her ping is the Texas old girl thing. Pals around with Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulsen and no, I don't know who her GF is. Before you judge my writing take a look at your drivel.

She's a fucking cool, drop dead gorgeous bitch and a very kind, compassionate LADY. I had a female friend who had an affair with Mills I only just recently learned. R55 Apart from the your unfortunate inability to craft a sentence (i.e. Dana pings to high heaven and has had rumors and has alluded to it herself.

She claimed she had sex with one of the female co-stars.

The woman she had sex with claimed that it was her first item more or less.

It was long ago, apparently, and they have not kept in touch. "I wouldn't have a problem if she were gay," or "I don't have a problem if she's gay"--both clearly lies in your case...) Gay goggles? Somebody on another here and other forums have said she is gay and it is known in Hollywood. Would love to know who her gf is or at least what kind of women she likes Another piece of Morgan gossip.

Morgan's talented enough to play a bitch diva on a prime-time soap. I'd like to see more of her."no idea how the closet works"R4, How old were you when you came out? How does your field handle discrimination, and is there a glass ceiling in opportunities for being a sexual minority?A lesbian couple of my acquaintance has it on good authority, as they say, that Sharon Gless has been dipping her toes in the waters for a few years but who knows? She and Heather Locklear are best known for the evil and bitchy characters they play, but off screen two of THE nicest and genuine women you'd ever meet in the business.This is R1 again and I don't believe that she is, either.After Morgan broke up with him, I think he even bearded for Donna Mills. That biography also said that when they were together, Morgan sent him off to rehab twice. I think in many relationships, the woman is the one who ends up giving the most. To say someone is far from straight when it is just based on rumors is ridiculous. Some of you need to check yourself about Miss Fairchild and show her a little respect.I'll try to find a pic, but I know I saw them in the tabloids. I was watching an old clip of Lana Turner on the Tonight Show, and guest-host Joan Rivers asked her who she thought was glamorous and attractive in today's Hollywood. CA193 1986 Morgan Fairchild & Date Craig De Nault Indian Wells Country Club Photo | e Bay CA193 1986 Morgan Fairchild & Date Craig De Nault Indian Wells Country Club Photo | Collectibles, Photographic Images, Contemporary (1940-Now) | e Bay! She had just broken up after 5 yrs with Craig Denault, the cameraman she met on Flamingo Road. When Meredith Baxter was on Bridget loves Bernie my gaydar went off. Morgan was the FIRST and for a while ONLY celebrity that made a noise about the 80s AIDS crisis,having been aware of and concerned about the health of gay men since the first reportage in 1979 of a rare cancer affecting only gay men, pre "GRIDS".

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