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For the leaders of the GFIC, this statement is "amazing".

They vividly remember their disappointment during discussions of this issue with various imams just a few years ago.

Baptiste dreams of being able to "walk on the street side by side" with the woman he loves.

He is delighted that "the civil registrar will have to one day recognize" their marriage, even though that day may be a long way off.

The group's Muslim-Christian couples, whether in love or already married, parents or grandparents, could hardly find enough words to respond to the Tunisian government's decision to allow Tunisian (Muslim) women to marry foreign (non-Muslim) men.

Celebrating their 40th anniversary at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris, they described the announcement, made on September 14, as "extraordinary", "fantastic", "a sign of hope … The older couples among them had only one regret: that the decision wasn't made sooner.

I’m not sure how they would react if I dated someone outside of my religion.

But, for Muslim women, the pressure is increased a hundred times over because of the religious prohibition," Adel points out. The whole thing took about twenty minutes," Matthieu recalls.I guess it’s because I feel like I don’t have any another choice.It’s weird because I’ve just never been very religious, and my family is pretty open to the idea of dating, but I guess it’s like an unspoken understanding that I would at least only date Muslims.'" Beyond the political decision, it is mindsets that are going to have to change, and the young couples are aware how hard this may be for their parents."I'm waiting to see whether this will actually happen in reality, whether the government will follow through," says Leïla.

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