My friends are dating each other

Theres no age you actually have to be to date, but you should probably check with your parents and see what they think, other then that just get to know them and become friends with them, after that if you like each other go for it. If you break up and u are mad at eachother, it was probably not a good thing to date him.If this is your best friend, you should respect their feeling and opinion.

Hollywood has built an entire industry on the line “You had me at hello.” That being said, creating real closeness with someone usually takes time.

Trying to force them in to a romantic relationship is 'unfriendly' at best.

Maybe you should just be patient and see what the future brings.

You just have to look at the type of people you two are -- some best friends can still stay best friends after a break-up.

Some can't -- some will never be the same after a break-up.

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