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The young Chinese women however prioritize their own happiness and success, so in order to counteract these old beliefs, they have created the term 女強人 (While many young women are getting married later and later, there is an additional problem that Chinese society is facing: the gender imbalance and the so-called “bare branches” (光棍 guāng​gùn), the single men.

Because of the One Child Policy and the many sex-selective abortions that took place in the past, when sons were preferred to daughters, an extreme disproportion in the balance of genders developed in China.

At the same time, respecting one’s parents is extremely important in China and not getting married is often regarded as a sign of disrespect by the older generations.

Not getting married at a certain age is seen as a real problem and a lot of social pressure is put on the “leftover women.” This is especially true during holidays like Chinese New Year (read more about it here).

They sit there in the middle of the park with their paper fans and share with everyone passing by In return, these are criteria that they are focusing on when meeting the parents of a potential suitor.

Sometimes, the Chinese zodiac sign is also important, but usually personality and hobbies are not discussed at length.

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While some people use this holiday to celebrate the fact that they are single, others put even more effort into finding a partner by going on blind dates, singles’ parties and other sorts of events.

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