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The leaked report found the 20-year-old shop assistant drowned after she was hurled into the icy waters of the Atlantic 20 miles north of capital Reykjavik.

Brjansdottir was alive when she was thrown and bruises were found on her neck suggesting the attacker had attempted to strangle her.

On Sunday, her remains were found while authorities are in the process of questioning the two suspects.

Birna’s final Facebook message was a light-hearted post about ‘Kiss a Ginger Day’ and how no one had kissed her yet.

Helgi Gunnlaugsson, a sociology professor at the University of Iceland, insisted the story’s colossal impact is not just down to the country’s low murder rate but also because the suspects are foreign.

Speaking with the New York Times, he said: “Most murder cases in Iceland are not mysteries — the victims and their killers usually know each other, the murderer rarely seeks to cover up the crime, and cases are usually solved quickly.

“In the past we have only witnessed murders like this in works of fiction." Brjansdottir vanished after a night out and was last seen swaying as she walked down a street in Reykjavik after a bar crawl at 5am on January 14.

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They also took to the streets topless, brave not only for the taboo being broken but because they first did so on March 26th, when the weather usually demands multiple layers.This has been practised throughout Icelandic history by those unaffected by Christian influence.Picture from the Reykjavík Slut Walk by Helgi Halldórsson Icelanders love a good protest.Whether it is against NATO (1949), gender inequality (1975), the banks (2008) or corruption in government (2016), they are passionate about direct democracy and unafraid to gather in front of the Alþingi (parliament) in the thousands to demand change.In 2015, nudity found its way into the ongoing fight for justice when the American #Free The Nipple campaign found its way to Iceland.

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