No video after updating pc

The error message basically indicates that Windows 10 is unable to detect any audio device in your system.It may be due to something has unintentionally disabled your audio device, incorrect audio drivers, audio connectivity issue, or audio hardware failure.Have updated - as far as I am aware - that 19 year reset thing. Hey guys, Ran into a bit of a weird problem, wondering if I should be concerned or not. I had to update to the latest BIOS, and it went through the installation fine, but I had a black screen upon the boot after restart.Also provide a clear and detailed description of your issue with the information that Adobe requires to investigate.

Follow the steps in this document to troubleshoot these issues and help provide Adobe with information it can use to improve Flash Player.By filing a report or bug, you can help Adobe work with driver manufacturers to address issues.Follow the instructions below to provide your video adapter driver information.Flash Player 10 and later can use your system’s graphics hardware to accelerate video decoding.Flash Player 10.2 and later can also accelerate video presentation on some sites, accelerating all aspects of video playback.

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