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In Europe, embroidered clothing was a sign of wealth and prosperity for centuries.

Primarily considered to be a woman's craft, many noble and royal ladies spend otherwise empty hours embroidering coats, shirts, tapestries, and linens with their waiting women.

The native person is the one with whom it is pleasant even to just be silent. When in the street this fuss and all are running around in search of gifts. The entire money will be used for site development and new methods to identify scammers.

Native - the one with whom you can talk for hours, even when you say something and nothing. If this information was useful please help in our project and become a privileged member.

The same set of photos is often used under many names, or the same name can be used with different photos. A third popular design, called drawn thread or cutwork, is often used in lacemaking.In this form, part of the base material is cut out and the resulting hole stitched over with lace or embroidered with thread or yarn.Even the capable and brilliant future Queen Elizabeth I of England enjoyed the craft, presenting her half-brother King Edward VI with a shirt she had hand-embroidered to celebrate his coronation.Nearly two centuries later, Madam de Pompadour, the powerful mistress of King Louis XV of France, sat for a portrait posed with her embroidery frame.

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