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Bland Farms challenged the 2013 rule because it effectively eliminated a licensed Vidalia onion grower's right to ship before a shipping date is announced provided the Vidalia onions meet or exceed US#1 standards, according to a Bland Farms spokesperson.In March 2014, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Cynthia Wright ruled in Bland Farms' favor.After the war years, production grew steadily, encompassing 600 acres by the end of the 1960s.

The outcome matters for a host of reasons, including the 0-150 million the prized crop is worth annually.

Depending on the calendar, that date could be from April 18-25.

Under the rule, no onions can be sold before the announced packing date.

This was before interstate highways were built, when salesmen, families and travelers drove back roads to get from town to town or state to state.

Vidalia was at the crossroads of these types of roads, which were among the busiest of their kind in South Georgia.

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