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We can use the data dictionary view 'USER_TRIGGERS' to obtain information about any trigger.The below statement shows the structure of the view 'USER_TRIGGERS' NAME Type -------------------------------------------------------- TRIGGER_NAME VARCHAR2(30) TRIGGER_TYPE VARCHAR2(16) TRIGGER_EVENT VARCHAR2(75) TABLE_OWNER VARCHAR2(30) BASE_OBJECT_TYPE VARCHAR2(16) TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(30) COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2(4000) REFERENCING_NAMES VARCHAR2(128) WHEN_CLAUSE VARCHAR2(4000) STATUS VARCHAR2(8) DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(4000) ACTION_TYPE VARCHAR2(11) TRIGGER_BODY LONG This view stores information about header and body of the trigger.

The above rules apply similarly for INSERT and DELETE statements.

For Example: Let's create a table 'product_check' which we can use to store messages when triggers are fired.

Let's create a BEFORE and AFTER statement and row level triggers for the product table.

Notice above that only the first row had its Order Approval Date Time set to the current date, which is our desired behavior.

However, we need to run a second test to ensure that the correct number of rows have been updated.

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