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If you've planned ahead with some great date ideas, you and your new companion can start building memories together, right from the first date.

• Take Some Train Shots - At The Hammered Lamb, there is a train that runs past the back patio, and the bar gives patrons complimentary "train shots" each time a train rolls by.

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I enjoy amusement parks, camping, going to the local pub, and so much more but none are...

HSV singles is a fresh rising site dedicated to positive people looking for companionship. Letting new people into your life isn't complicated around here.

It can be hard, though, for singles in Orlando to find each other among all the tourists and snowbirds.

Grew up in South Florida most my life so have alot of places to venture to and explore. I'm a professional and work hard but love to enjoy my free time.

I think it's because I like to listen just as much as I like to talk.

People find it easy to communicate with me and I think that's a big reason...

Finding your soul mate doesn’t have to be difficult for positive people, and on this site – it’s not.

Registering is easy and all it takes is a few steps.

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