Outlook out of office assistant is not updating

What we have already tried are: - Checking the services - Rebooting the Server - In a quick look we also didn’t see any suspicious event logs - We created a test user and Out of Office is working for him.

I’ve enabled my Automatic Replies (Out of Office) and have sent myself a message from my private account to see how it would arrive. Why isn’t it working and how can I make it work reliably?

By default, Exchange is configured not to send out Automatic Replies to addresses that are not within your company’s Exchange environment.

If you send yourself a message by using your Exchange account instead of your external private account (or ask your colleague to send you a test message), you should receive an Automatic Reply.

I had her give me permissions to her calendar and when I had her assistant make a new meeting request it showed on mine and her assistants however never showed on the primary persons calendar unless we closed outlook and reopened it.

We do have cache mode enabled on all user mailboxes in the organization so that it will allow them to work in outlook right away without it taking so long to load.

demazter -- Deleting rules and start over again with the OOF Assistant helps temporarily.It solves the issue temporarily but the old message gets cached and won't change the next time we try to put in a new message.What are some areas in Outlook 2003, or Exchange 2007 that I can check to make sure this user can change her OOF message within Outlook, and have it work consistently? Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices?Especially various free providers tend to filter them out.If you are using a POP3 account, log on to your web based mailbox and see if it got delivered to the Junk E-mail folder there.

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