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We will not display your email address or pass it on to any third party.Your email will remain on our system until we are notified by you to remove it.Sometimes, it’s about the kind of experience and relationship you are looking for.

Online dating sites that are free also have their advantages and disadvantages.

I went on a date over the weekend with someone I met here on Flirthut and fortunately they turned out to be genuine but he was really pushy to try and get physical with me.

I really liked him to start with but that wore off really quickly when I found out all he wanted was to get me to bed. Pretty much all the guys I’ve met on free dating sites seem to try it on. Are the guys on paid dating sites more normal and wanting serious relationships?

People on free dating sites tend to be a little less defined about the kind of relationship they are looking for.

They also tend to be relatively casual users of the free dating site and may not log in too often.

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