Paula abdul who is she dating

We meet her acupuncturist while she does an interview with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood.

Later, Paula meets with producer Peter Lord, whom she hasn't worked with for over ten years, to discuss her getting back in the music game.

Although Paula played nice in public, sources say that she was ultra-pissed off at losing what was probably her last decent job.

After Paula, 49, got the boot from X factor Janet, 45, immediately put out the word that she wanted the gig. Although Paula had insisted that she harbored no bad feelings about leaving the truth was that the former American Idol was ‘very very angry’ according to insiders.

Abdul criticized the way the program's segments were edited. Though her reaction to this was captured on camera, Abdul and her handlers subsequently denied the veracity of the segment, attributing Abdul's highly emotional on-camera break-down to "creative editing." Paula hosts a charity event to help animal victims of Hurricane Katrina.

They were last spotted together celebrating Torregiani's birthday at Beso restaurant in Hollywood on May 19.

The program showed the private life of Paula Abdul as she promotes an upcoming season of the Fox series American Idol while simultaneously developing the Bratz movie as well as a new fragrance line.

It also featured Abdul preparing for and making a variety of public and/or television appearances.

Daniel tours the rental house with Deb the interior designer to determine décor.

Daniel and Deb make decorative executive decisions, and move in new furniture the very next week.

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