Play anime sim dating games

"Mako may be bland and dense, but his curiosity keeps him opening up to new people and things.

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Around the early stage of the game, Akito will mention that his bike was stolen.

Go to the beach and find Matt (Amy's brother), who will be riding it on the shore.

Give Matt one of the following items to get the bike back: lunchbox, cookies, game, or MP3.

In this town, there is a cultural festival starting in 30 days and that there are rumors that the festival will make one's relationship last forever. These items will give you 25 EXP while everything else gives 15 EXP.

It is here that the players goal is set: find a boyfriend in 30 days. Your cooking (lunchbox and cookies) grant 30 EXP and they will not accept make-up.

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