Polyamory dating dallas

Others are simply doing what's fun and what comes naturally for them or are rebelling against religious prohibitions or family expectations.Some use polyamory as a weapon in a power struggle or to punish a controlling partner.When I first met them about fifteen years ago they were seeking help in releasing and transforming jealousy.Nancy appeared the more emotional of the two, but both exuded a sensible, good-humored sincerity.More often, one partner reluctantly agrees to polyamory to win the affections of the other, secretly hoping that this unwelcome twist will magically vanish once they are committed to each other.

In a few cases, however, polyamory does allow people to create healthy and functional relationships they probably could not have managed otherwise.They were both virgins in their early twenties when they married forty years ago.After ten years of being happily monogamous, while attending a relationship seminar they discovered that neither one was invested in sexual exclusivity.We may sincerely believe this story, or we may suspect it's fabricated.Either way, it's not always easy to discover the reasons people choose polyamory.

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