Post divorce dating

It was perfectly bearable, so I resigned myself to the whole ageing singleton deal – apart from cats.

I'm allergic, so there'd be nothing to eat me when I died alone. One warm September evening, a few days after I'd started divorce proceedings after five years apart, I found myself talking to a man, rather younger than me, outside a party.

Shed your illusions, expectations, conditioning and inhibitions - and your knickers if your date is really irresistible.

"If the world blows up, I want to go down dancing," Gloria announces, and we're with her every step of the way.

I'm going to confess to having skin in the game here.

Instead, we see her spinning around a dance floor, going on dates and then for the obligatory bikini wax when one of those dates gets serious.

For what comes next, you'll have to go and see the film, but this second coming of age will be one that many women will recognise.

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