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Being authentic sends a message to The Universe to reflect back to you your true desires, uncolored by others expectations and conditions-This is why Authenticity is the key to soul-mates. Okay, well I don’t want to type too much but seriously to those who are reading-please learn the value of being yourself and that it is a pre-requisite to manifesting your soul mate!

Give people the chance to fall fully for who you are and experience true unconditional love…or slip on a banana. To get access to a free interactive E-Book click here.

If the above question has not popped into your head then you should be asking why authentic dating is different then from, say, a random blind date with your sibling’s cute friend. ) Anywho, Authentic Dating is dating from a place of pure resonance and knowing what you want, while being brave enough to not only be yourself but going after what you truly desire, even in the face of “failure”-(Tempted to go on a rant right now, but this will be a future post.) But what is the benefit? Instead of kissing 20 sumthin’ frogs you go out with 5 Charmings or Cinderellas and choose from the cream of the crop.

And, when someone senses this they will respect it deeply.

Basically, I want to know how you truly feel about my taste in music but not about your dream centerpiece for your future wedding. I just want to know you’re remembering what I like and that my efforts are making progress.

3 Months: Whether it’s on purpose or on accident, I’m going to introduce you as my girlfriend.

I honestly felt the need to do more post like these.

Especially considering that it has been almost a year since my last post.

1 week: For the first few dates showing up on time and being yourself is a sure way to start the date off right.This guest blog from relationship expert Janet Ong Zimmerman contains some real words of wisdom.I love the idea that we can control our dating lives more than we realize — and I have heard the point about being who you want to attract from some very wise souls out there. Modern dating rules have become complicated, as the role of men and women are blurred.Don’t fall for the trap of selling yourself, as I’ve discussed before. ) Seriously, I feel and have personally analyzed that the world we live in conditions us to not be authentic.On the contrary however, I don’t think the real question is about starting, but why one has yet to start. The fear of authenticity- if it were a disease, then our society would be an epidemic on a pogo-stick campaigning in the hearts of many with no rest attached to a bullet train shouting ” I got you suckas! Instead most people put on a mask and pretend to be someone else, while also covertly trying to get their needs met (a recipe for disaster and depression).

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