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Clearly, they figure that the handful of lost sales is worth the extra revenue.

What it costs them doesn't really matter, as long as p x q is greater than their costs. p should be too – unless they wish to exercise their market monopoly to gouge (which, apparently, they do).

But, in the case of a software upgrade for a home user which is downloadable (and we all know how we pay for that too in this country! My US counterparts, at my skill level and experience, likely earn more than me. All it costs Adobe to sell a downloadable version of their product here is a regional customisation of their website.

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After clicking a few links and ending up on the Australian store trying to charge me ... You can download the only existing version from everywhere you want but if you want to buy from the US online store you need a US credit card. Well if you look at the Adobe UK store they have it for 103.88 pound. They will say it is because of the cost of 'local' support , that's their default answer.

It's not like they host the files here or administer the licenses even.

I take your point as I've thought about this before whilst paying a premium for stuff I don't want or don't need simply to support a local presence for a multi-national company.

You are a photographer; do you charge people based on how much some guy in the US charges, or based on how much they are willing to pay you? Most photographers I know have a rate that they apply based on the effort and time required. If Alex charges k, then Gina Reinhart offers him 40k, he isn't really gonna argue that his hourly is lower.

As you can see, that's quite different from what Adobe are doing here. If a whole ton of top shooters drop their price to 2k and brides (with the help of The Satanic Bible – au), reset their price expectations, arguing that his hourly is 4 times that is gonna leave him broke.

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