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Cross your arms in front in a body hug to test for a comfy fit at the back. Jeans have become an everyday pant in many workplaces, but unless you're a tech CEO or work in entertainment, skip rips and even frayed hems. If you're in a conservative field like law or finance, starting your own business or calling on clients, a pantsuit looks authoritative and trustworthy. Wear one with the same savoir faire you do jeans and a biker jacket. There's one caveat: At 50 sneakers can look too informal or medicinal at work unless you pair them with something tailored like trousers, a pantsuit or a midi skirt.

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Whether you never stopped working, are jumping back in the game or seek a new opportunity, it's time to rethink your look. It's still the pivotal piece that pulls together basics.

Here are nine ways to fit in and stand out, starting now. But don't grab been-there-done-that oldies from your closet. What used to be a solution for commuters and those with a broken toe is now the bottom line for fashion and work. ) (L to r) Vans Old Skool in Primary Check Black/ White checks; Vans Authentic in Checkerboard Black/True White; Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Ox in Varsity Red red laceups; Dr.

You need a notch-collar boyfriend style now that doesn't look vintage to dial up all your T-shirts, jeans and pants. Scholl's Madison leopard slip-ons; Keds x Kate Spade New York Acein Ros The bolder the better is the way to go — like Dr.

The best blazer is slouchier and relaxed in a soft all-seasons stretch fabric — like the Old Navy Jacquard Boyfriend Blazer for Women (, com), or a knit like the Ava & Viv Plus-Size Knit Blazer (, — that won't pull across the bust or belly when buttoned, or look stuffy. Don't wear your comfy “boyfriends” or distressed denim (even if everyone else at work does). Pantsuits — in jelly bean hues, plaid and Rolls Royce gray — have returned as the new-again uniform for women who wish to look snappy and don't want to think about how they sit, stand or move. Scholl's Madison leopard slip-ons (,; Keds x Kate Spade New York Ace in Rose Gold Specchio (,; Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty Ox in Varsity Red (,; or Vans Old Skool in Primary Check (,

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