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**CLICK HERE* to get Rabbi Tatz’s Brand New classes Lessons for Life Through the Teachings of the Rambam This library is called the “The Julian Solomon Library”.Tatz undertook a number of years of Talmudic study and later teaching in Jewish thought and medical ethics in Jerusalem. Tatz founded the Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum, of which he is Director, for the purpose of teaching and promoting knowledge of Jewish medical ethics internationally.Featuring round-the-clock Torah classes, entertaining activities, exciting social events, and engaging workshops from a stellar staff of educators—all free of charge, the continually buzzing center has filled a gaping need in the Jewish community.Regardless of age or background, Ohr Naava’s dedicated team provides for the spiritual, emotional—and even physical—needs of thousands of grateful women and girls. Visitors will invariably find the center humming each night with spirited activity and joy—the kind of satisfaction that stems from thought-provoking classes, creative programming, and above all, a deep sense of camaraderie. But despite its enormous success with adult women, Ohr Naava continues to broaden its horizons.He is the author of Worldmask, Living Inspired, The Thinking Jewish Teenager''s Guide to Life, and Letters to a Buddhist Jew, published by Targum Press.Since 2004, under the vibrant leadership of Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, a dynamic pacesetter in Jewish women’s education & inspiration, Ohr Naava Women's Torah Center has grown from a humble weekly study group to a world-renowned, nightly forum of inspiration.An issue reportedly affecting North American yeshivish communities, where there are an increasing number of older single girls and not enough older single boys for them to marry.

Jewish communities are growing and spreading all over the world.With the creation of Ohr Naava's Bnot Chaya Academy, a high school and dormitory in Brooklyn, girls from difficult family situations are provided with both an exemplary high school education as well as a safe, supportive haven.In the warm, nurturing environs of Bnot Chaya, these resilient girls can finally thrive, soaking up the "family life" structure they never experienced but have always craved.This page contains a listing of lessons in this series.Click on the Title to be taken to a new page with a player, a clickable download link and the Bible text for the lesson.

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