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These options are not guaranteed to solve PD, and also can be uncomfortable and result in unwanted side effects.

The GAINSWave option is the new standard, and its PD applications are described below: GAINSWave™ therapy provides a great peyronies disease treatment, and utilizes pulsed acoustic waves to break up the fibrous plaque that has built up under the skin.

The pain associated causes nerves to become unreactive to arousal signals from the brain, due to the pain aversion from the last sexual event.

With the only treatment options currently available for this form of ED, the pulsed acoustic wave therapy serves as a perfect alternative to the surgical and chemical options that most men with PD are forced to engage in.

As a great alternative to popular chemical options such as Xiaflex, this sort of shockwave therapy was initially used for patients that suffered from atherosclerosis, or hardened arteries due to plaque.

The shockwaves serve to destroy the calcific plaque within the arteries, and allow for sufficient blood flow and flexibility through the affected organ.

PD can cause significant pain, sexual dysfunction, and anxiety in men of any age.

This can be caused by injury, poor diet, disease, or genetics.Welcome to mature dating for horny singles hoping to meet that special someone online.This site is designed for singles from Southampton and throughout Hampshire, looking for much more from a swingers site in Southampton.It is important to begin exploring options for treatment early, as options are limited until now.PD has been shown to be a contributor to the development of ED in men that experience rigidity and pain.

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