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Teacher was remorseful and had undertaken counselling.

The Panel observed that the teaching profession needs to be ever mindful of the implications and perils of using social media in its interactions with students.

Offences appear to be in part a result of a health issue. Decision (PDF, 93.95 KB)In this decision précis certain elements of the Panel decision have been abridged at the request of the teacher, in order that his medical treatment is not adversely affected.

The detail of conditions actually imposed by the Panel can be viewed by inspection of the public register.

No determination (teacher not registered at date of finding). The Panel considered that there were salutary lessons for all schools in this case. No determination (teacher not registered at date of finding). Decision (PDF, 152.68 KB)Teacher found guilty of indictable offence.

Panel satisfied there was remorse and insight – an isolated incident, out of character and unlikely to be repeated. Decision (PDF, 73.62 KB)Teacher found guilty of indictable offence – indecent assault in 1988 – late complaint by former student.

The teacher failed to maintain a professional relationship with the student, including by holding conversations of a personal nature and using sexual innuendo with the student.

The teacher’s conduct was a substantial departure from the expectations of a member of the teaching profession and therefore amounted to serious misconduct.

No evidence to suggest a change in behaviour – lack of insight and remorse – approach to teaching and colleagues irretrievably and profoundly flawed. Decision (PDF, 243.55 KB)Failed to engage students and impart knowledge – inappropriate classroom management - failed to plan and prepare lessons and monitor and maintain records – behaviour continuous and persistent across all areas of work – teaching practice deeply flawed but not irretrievable. Decision (PDF, 256.01 KB)Failed to treat colleagues and students with courtesy and respect – no insight into professional knowledge and practice – behaviour brought disrepute to the profession and placed young people at risk – a substantial departure from educational standards. Decision (PDF, 181.42 KB)Unprofessional relationship with a female student – persistent in inappropriate communications – breached the professional standards of the teaching profession. Teacher demonstrated remorse and willingness to undertake counselling.

Orders (PDF, 64.74 KB)Decision (PDF, 78.7 KB)Teacher convicted of indictable offence of intentionally causing serious injury – undertaken counselling and demonstrated insight. Decision (PDF, 88.58 KB)Failed to adequately plan, structure and prepare lessons; supervise and create a safe environment and cater for special needs students. Teacher showed insight and undertook retraining and professional development. Decision (PDF, 183.93 KB)Unprofessional relationship with female students – failed to treat students with courtesy and dignity – failed to follow warning and direction of Principal – persistent pattern of behaviour of many years – no real understanding of impact on students – no remorse. Orders (PDF, 23.88 KB)Decision (PDF, 78.23 KB)Physical contact with students – limited insight into conduct and impact on others – blame others for his behaviour – lack of professional credibility. Orders (PDF, 29.58 KB)Decision (PDF, 98.91 KB)Unprofessional relationship with a student – drinking to excess with students – role of teacher not to be a friend – personal development required. Orders (PDF, 30.51 KB)Decision (PDF, 67.37 KB)Inappropriate comments to students and inappropriate classroom management.

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