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Ok This is the settings: I use a Viewgrid with only itemtemplate colums for example. Code behind:1 protected void btn Update Promotion Items_Click(object sender, Event Args e) 2 Aspx: (field in Bold is where my link button resides)1 Gridview fire message box during rowupdating event During the rowupdating event of my gridview I am basically doing some validation on one of the fields.

The ...dynamic updatepanel containing gridview control Hiya, Atlas is awesome. I've written a quick tutorial on my blog: am having somewhat of a challenge though. Can anyone offer help, or have you seen the problem yourself? Row Updating event not firing on update button click for Grid View Control Hi, I've viewed some of the other posts and although they come close to addressing my problem they still leave something lacking so here goes. If it doesn't meet the requirement, I want a message box to fire with the error statement and have simply an 'ok' button on it.

LOL Each time through the code behind I was loading and binding my product table.

Datagrid(1.1) to Grid View(2.0) and using the Row Updating event how to extract the values from the controls. When clicking on either of these controls, my break point is never hit in the event method.

When I take a standard Grid View, bind it to a Data Table and dynamically wrap it in an Update Panel at run-time, the Row Updating event stops firing my handler. the View state is disabled because I need the the Grid View to be displayed even when there is no data. Thanks in advance, Amanda Try something like Response. I create event handlers for the Row Editing, Row Updating and Row Cancelling Edit events. Pete and I for the past few weeks have been playing around with a project that returns a typed Data Set from a web service.Today we started on the "Update Data" web method that accepts the typed Data Set and applies the changes back to the database.NET web-services in code rather than using the visual Data Set desginer), I pointed out that Sql Data Adapter has a handy "Row Updating" event that I've used, and so it logically must follow that the generated Table Adapters must have something similar. Turns out that the only way you can get to any kind of Row Updating/Row Updated events is to handle them from within the Table Adapter, and the only way we could find to do that was to manually add a new class file to our web service project and code up the "other half" of the Table Adapter's partial class. Row Updating, and adding a public "Init Events" method that hooked it up to the event.We then had to remember to call that "Init Events" when we created the Table Adapter instance in the web method.

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