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For example, she briefly discusses the importance of friendship in a romance-obsessed society but does not elaborate on how to maintain friendships when they are so undervalued.Overall, a good read I would recommend to those who have faced frustration in their dating life as well as those who question the salience of romance in general.The following passage displays one of the main messages of the book, about the dangers of making women prioritize their search for a male partner:"Keeping women focused on finding the right man is an underhanded way to keep us acquiescing to trad A solid book that tackles how feminism can improve women and men's dating in a patriarchal society.

It's one of the markers that we've achieved what's expected of us and are on our way to starting a family...

While her rhetoric is largely inclusive, there's little discussion of the effect these narratives have on queers that could not have been included as a footnote.

The result is an (unintentional) recreation of the erasure of queer desire present in the narrative she's opposing.

are especially disenfranchised by the romance industrial complex.

Here is one quote about marriage that resonated with me a lot:"The pressure to marry is tied to what you represent in your community, but also to how you become an adult.

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