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Some of their skulls may have had horns, others double rows of teeth!Some supposedly had six fingers and elongated heads and carried giant weapons.According to the report, a ruling by the US Supreme Court is what forced the world’s largest museum to release classified documents from its early 19th century archives, going far in proving the allegations.

These artifacts strongly suggested he was of high status (in more ways than one).The horns were about 5 centimeters (2 in) in length, pointed, and extended from just above the eyebrows. Donehoo, who was the Pennsylvania state historian, and two professors, A. Archaeologists supposedly came upon some very strange scenes when they started excavating Native American burial mounds around the state of Iowa.The excavation was supposedly done by a trusted group of investigators, including Dr. A newspaper article from 1897 describes it as “a matter of official record” that scientists dug up the bones of a 229-centimeter (7’6″) giant human skeleton.In another Iowa mound, archaeologists allegedly uncovered a large chamber in which they found 11 skeletons, all kneeling with their backs to the walls.They were arranged in a circle around a giant seashell that they used to drink from. They also found a curious copper-colored dust that gave out such a stench when disturbed, to the point that they had to quit working until it dissipated.

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    They synthesized Libby and several collaborators proceeded to experiment with methane collected from sewage works in Baltimore, and after isotopically enriching their samples they were able to demonstrate that they contained .

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