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So if you are an expat and thinking of following this terrible example, even as a joke – Don’t!The commission for the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice is not renown for turning a blind eye to these sorts of problems and will often punish all involved.Of course this monitoring of your phone and other communications is only to look for terrorism!To be honest it is unlikely that sending a few naughty pictures is going to make you someone of interest to the authorities, after all they would not have the time or the man power to check everyone who sent a naughty text or a picture of their bits!Especially if you are a young woman in Saudi from a country which is often victimized by the Saudi males and seen as fair game!This website uses cookies to enhance user navigation and to collect statistical data.Living in Saudi Arabia can be quite boring at times, especially if you are single or separate from family and friends.

Anyway the moral of this little discourse it to just be careful as to what you keep on your Phone if you are likely to be in a situation where you may be checked for other problems.However in Saudi Arabia you have to take just that little extra care with what you share; especially in the form of images in this very strict Islamic state.In the news this week there is a case of a Saudi Man who supposedly managed to get hundreds of Saudi women to send him revealing photographs via their mobiles and then proceeded to blackmail them!Don’t you just love the way some people use religion as a way to abuse others that are poorer than themselves!The Saudi Authorities have access to your phone messages and what you send, after all they blocked blackberry a few years back because they would not allow access to their servers.

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