Scott grimes dating

The dating reality and story began from the time when the two stars were seeing each other in the last year’s Comic-Con.

They announced their engagement in January of this year and were married May 19 in a ceremony held in Austin, TX.Seth Mac Farlane, later the creator of The Orville, watched Critters as a teenager, and for that reason connected with Grimes later.Mac Farlane cast Grimes as the voice of Steve Smith on Seth Mac Farlane's animated comedy "American Dad"." Grimes has also played roles in television projects such as Band of Brothers, Family Guy, ER and Dexter.They even appeared together at the Comic-Con in San Diego over the past weekend along with the creator of The Orville and the star, Seth Mac Farlane.Even though both of them occurred at the Comic-Con together, they neither sat together nor did they talk much which might pose as a hint for the viewers that there was something wrong going on between the two.

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