Second life updating friends list

General rated sims exist as an alternative for residents who do not wish to reside in areas where adult-oriented activities and businesses are permitted.

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Criticism of quality assurance of Second Life states that Linden Lab focuses too much on bringing new features to the production environment instead of fixing long-standing bugs that, in the worst case, cause financial loss for the users.

However, minors aged between 13–17 can access Second Life, but they will be restricted to what they can see or do based on age.

The Second Life world is split into sections/worlds and each one is given a maturity rating similar to films: General, Moderate and Adult.

It is possible to perpetrate Do S (Denial of Service) attacks on other users simply by scripting objects that spew screen filling characters from anywhere on the grid to another avatar's user ID, thereby disabling a clear view to the virtual world, but such attacks are now blocked with the use of the "mute" tool.

It is also possible to exploit bugs in the client and server software, which can be used to kick users, crash servers, and revert content; however, such exploits are rare and quickly fixed by Linden Lab.

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