Separated and dating your spouse

By choosing to live together after you divorce, you are erasing some of the financial stresses that occur as a result of this trying time.

The average cost of divorce can be in the thousands, since it is often preceded by separation.

You would do anything you possibly could to protect your kids from harm, and you would never want them to feel confused or hurt.

After witnessing their parents separate, children are frequently concerned that their lives will never feel normal again.

Going through a separation is a serious issue, and it is a trying time in a person’s life.

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Until recently, the US economy has been rather slow with many folks who are just now getting back into the workforce.

You certainly want to make sure your children have relationships with the absent parent, as the separation was not their fault.

If you live together after you file for separation, you can rest easy, knowing that you do not need to be concerned about feeling guilty about whether your children see the other parent.

The main difference between the two is that a legal separation is a court order, which mandates the rights and duties of a couple while they are married.

Meanwhile, a divorce is a complete dissolution of the marriage (according to Find

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