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The contractor who leaked the documents told Motherboard: "Some stuff I've heard could clearly be described as phone sex.

I've heard people entering full addresses in Cortana commands, or asking Cortana to provide search returns on pornography queries.” Microsoft is not the only big tech firm found to be listening to calls.

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Last month, it emerged that Apple Siri conversations were being reviewed by external contractors.

In April, it emerged that Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa was sometimes recording private conversations.  Also July, it was confirmed that the  Google Assistant was doing the same.

The revelation that contractors are listening to Skype calls made using the app's translation service came after a cache of internal documents, screenshots, and audio recordings were leaked to  Motherboard.

The recordings included private conversations such as people talking intimately to loved ones and others apparently discussing relationship problems.

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To help the translation and speech recognition technology learn and grow, sentences and automatic transcripts are analyzed and any corrections are entered into our system, to build more performant services." “For voice controls to adapt and evolve, it’s going to be very difficult for systems–human or otherwise–to not listen in to conversations,” says Jake Moore, cybersecurity expert at ESET.Updated August 15, 2019: Microsoft confirmed that human employees and vendors may listen to Skype calls and Cortana queries. Microsoft contractors listen to portions of Skype calls according to a new report from Vice.According to the report, snippets of Skype calls that use the Skype translation feature are listened to by humans to improve translations. Even if they were before (which they probably weren't), your expectation of privacy vanishes once MS announces that they're monitoring.Also, somewhat unrelated, MS has an impressive database of offensive terms and phrases in over 130 languages.a.

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