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Unfortunately, it appears that there’s a glitch in the Matrix, because Zo became fully unhinged when it was asked some rather simple questions.

What’s even more interesting is that Zo offered up its thoughts without much prompting from its human chat partner.

There are various humans involved at each level of a bot’s configuration.

There’s the manufacturer of the artificial intelligence technology. Even the developers and those who engage with the technology are humans.

Alexa—a machine-learning socialbot and personal assistant—learned that language from Reddit.

A popular form of artificial intelligence, machine learning analyzes patterns of observations taken from transcribed human speech.

But what happens when bots spy on users and share personal information?

Or when they make racial slurs and offensive comments?

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Sim Simi was later banned in Ireland for its propensity to facilitate cyberbullying.

But Alexa’s blunders are not limited to criminal solicitation and unpleasantries.

She has also been accused of recording conversations without being prompted and sending them to strangers. Sim Simi, an AI conversation program created in 2002, was accused of defamation after it insulted a former Prime Minister of Thailand.

Microsoft’s admission that its employees listen to customer voice recordings hardly assuaged fears of spying bots. Sim Simi learns from its users through fuzzy logic algorithms.

Within just a few weeks, the chatbot learned Thai, including politics and profanity.

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