Sex dating and relationships a fresh approach

But before you dive headlong into this book, we should probably give you a heads-up about a few things.First, this book does not intend to be a comprehensive book on all things Though two chapters of this book address the subject of dating (and chapter 7 offers an alternative to contemporary models of dating), the focus of this book is not really about dating, courtship, or how to find a spouse.Ultimately—though perhaps you didn’t realize it—we will be searching for the gospel.As we hope to show, sex, dating, and relationships find their ultimate meaning in the relationship between Jesus and his people; the former testify to the latter.Any approach to sexual standards that views sex as an evil to be avoided, rather than a gift to be celebrated, misses the mark and fails to capture the scriptural ideal.Further, we must not overreach when it comes to establishing scriptural boundaries regarding premarital sexual conduct.

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We will be searching for a Son-exalting purity that is not defined by what it isn’t but by what it .

Unlike most books on dating, this one cuts straight to the heart of dating relationships, asserting with confidence that the line must be drawn at “no sexual activity” whatever.

Few have dared to define and apply the Bible’s understanding of purity in premarital relationships to this degree, but Heistand and Thomas have done it.

Of course, the church doesn’t endorse the new sexual ethic.

And the fact that you have this book in your hands likely means that you don’t endorse it either. Perhaps even more importantly, who should draw them?

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