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Shortly after arriving in this New World, colonist Eleanor Dare, daughter of Governor John White, gave birth to Virginia Dare.

She was the first English child born in North America.

A corps of Northern teachers was sponsored by the American Missionary Association, and they taught hundreds of students of all ages at the colony.

The North Carolinian Coast began to shape into its present form as the Outer Banks Barrier Islands.

One of the first governors of Jamestown, Virginia, John Smith records the usage of the word Rawrenock in the Algonquin Powhowaten language.

In the context of the quote, Rawranoke refers to the items being traded, not people.

Previously the North Carolina Coast had extended 50 miles eastward to the edge of the continental shelf.

The melting of Northern Hemisphere Glaciers at least 14,000 years ago caused sea levels to rise.

Archeological excavations in 1983 at the Tillett Site at Wanchese have revealed evidence of various cultures dating back to 8000 BC.Roanoke Island is one of the three oldest surviving English place-names in the U. Along with the Chowan and Neuse rivers, it was named in 1584 by Captains Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowe, sent by Sir Walter Raleigh.Another colony, more populous than that of Raleigh, was developed at the island during the American Civil War.Roanoke means "white beads made from shells" or more literally ("things rubbed smooth by hand").White beads were used as ornaments and currency for the Coastal Algonquin peoples of Virginia and North Carolina.

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