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The wedding was held near Murrieta, in the majestic backyard of Michelle Morris’ home. “It’s a wedding.” There was laughter, and Bird-Santo coached Ryan again.Video shows two grooms in matching gray tuxedos with white roses on their lapels. “If you want to take Sean as your husband for the rest of your life, you need to give a symbol so he’ll know that, and he’ll remember it, like you have this ring on your hand,” she said.While Ronald was learning to drive, practicing martial arts and graduating from high school in San Clemente, Ryan was becoming a regular at the Corona house of Morris’ brother, Gregory Morris.It was there that Ryan, then 17, met Sean Spicer, who was 35.

Morris cut off contact soon after, saying in court filings and Register interviews at the time that Ryan’s blood relatives didn’t accept his disabilities and were trying to undermine his adoptive family.

When Ryan was an infant, the payment for his day-to-day care – a state-funded stipend of ,000 a month – could, by law, go to a licensed foster home but not to his relatives.

By the time those restrictions were lifted, about six years later, state officials said Ryan had formed a bond with his foster mother and would be harmed if that bond was broken.

That process, they said, essentially doubled her payments from the state, as she received adoption assistance for her legal children in addition to foster-care payments for her foster children.

At its height, Morris had 10 children in her home, with payments of some ,000 per month for their care, records show.

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