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Hierdie studie fokus op die verskynsel van onthouding van geslagsomgang gedurende swangerskap deur vrouens in sommige Afrika-gemeenskappe.Die artikel ondersoek die volgende: Swart Afrikane se tradisionele seksbeskouing, die mediese seksbeskouing en die Christelike tradisie se seksbeskouing.4Play received seven nominations for the 2011 South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) including Best TV Drama; Best Actress in a TV Drama; Best Ensemble in a TV Drama; Best Director in a TV Drama; Best Editor in a TV Drama; Best Art/Production in a TV Drama; and Best Cinematographer in a TV Drama.The series received 3 awards at the SAFTA’s, including Best Director in a TV Drama; Best Editor in a TV Drama; Best Art/Production in a TV Drama.These formed the basis of the production team's storymaking.According to the producers, 4Play is "a completely new approach. It is sassy, sexy, glossy and funny." Click here for more information on the 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls website.Broadcast in 2010, 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls was a television drama series which followed the lives of four thirty-something Johannesburg professional women as they negotiate sex, love and relationships in a contemporary, honest and often funny way.Besides being entertaining, the show also seeks to deal openly with issues of sexuality, highlighting risky behaviours, such as infidelity and alcohol abuse, that put young people at risk of HIV infection.

In conducting research for the show, instead of focus groups producers held pamper parties and brought together groups of women for manicures and pedicures. Through this approach organisers say they were able to create an intimate space for people to tell their stories.It is true that, when it comes to African traditional conduct in marital life, the couple has very little to say concerning their connubial activities during certain periods.As in every society, African people have certain rules which are used to regulate sexual practices.Folkman and Clatworth (193) concur that all societies regulate human sexual and reproductive behaviour in some way, and the majority of the earth’s human inhabitants live in monogamous unions.One of the rules used to regulate sexual behaviour in some African societies requires abstinence from sexual intercourse during pregnancy.

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