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I decided it would be hilarious if I took a of picture of my junk and enlarge everything (it looked like I had elephantitis). I decided to bring my DSi on a camp trip to a water park. One of the girls that was all over me the entire week at camp was sitting next to me on the bus and wanted to play some games on my DSi. After around 30 minutes I looked over to her and she had the blankest expression on her face.I then erased the middle of my titanic sack, and turned it into a boarder for other pictures (I wanted to take a bunch of artsy pictures and have it be surrounded by my nuts). I looked at my DSi and there was an artsy picture of a forest with my "boarder" surrounding it on the screen. I tried to grab my gaming consul back with shock and embarrassment on my face. She turned around and showed the rest of the group.Girl Scout Camps are all about enjoying the outdoors, so you make the most of natures facilities such as hiking in the woods and enjoying sunny days chilling by the lake.The girls are generally from the local area and sessions usually run from Monday to Friday, so it's likely that you will have new campers each week.The adult supervisor was usually off planning activities or in meetings, so the high school supervisor's job was to coral the kids and make sure they made it to and from their scheduled events safely and on time.The trip always took place at the end of the year, in early May.Needless to say I sat alone on the bus ride home crying while playing pokemon diamond.

Some Girl Scout Camps run independently but most are one of many camps set up by the same Girl Scout organisation in that region, such as the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania or Girl Scouts of Northern California.Girl Scout Camps mainly hire General Counsellors, as these camps focus more on helping build campers confidence rather than offering lots of sporty activities.So if you feel your skills are more suited to a general role, make sure you add Girl Scout Camps to your camp preferences.It would last about a week, there were activities and cabins and, overall, it was supposed to be a pretty great time.The cabins were set up to house about 20 kids, plus an Adult supervisor with their own room and a high school supervisor who slept out in the main area with the kids.

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