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Ja to najbolje znam jer sam ja jebao mozda i kad se sveukupno zbroji 5-6 puta. Po meni ako se moje misljenje prihvata, a nema razloga da tako ne bude, bosanski porno filmovi su najbolji na planeti.

Majda je na meti kritičara jer se često ne pojavljuje u gaćama.

There were many changes that Ladybug went through during development.

The series was originally meant to be for older audiences like teens and young adults, having political stories and a darker tone.

He and his team wanted to create a show that reflected the romance and beauty of France, and they aimed for it to have superheroes that appeal to young girls while not falling into the clichés of female characters.

There was also a point in time where producers encouraged making Ladybug and Cat Noir a part of a superhero team, but it didn't help sell the show, and the superhero team idea was dropped because of it.

Astruc created the show by drawing ideas and concepts from Franco-Belgian comics, American comics, and Japanese animation.

Miraculous has had a collection of comic books planned and released in both the United States and worldwide.

The first of these comics released on July 6, 2016, adapting television episodes into the comic book format.

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