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So your best bet is just to go approach them even if it’s very awkward and uncomfortable because you can’t really predict where they’re coming from.

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Ten or 15 minutes that way to the north is the Les Halles shopping mall and Rue de Rivoli, which is a big shopping street, a lot of tourist girls there. A lot of girls are shopping out there, a lot of cute girls.Now in terms of budget, Paris is not that expensive actually.You can get your own Airbnb apartment during the summer in the hot spot area where you can just walk to everywhere that you would want to go for about €60 a night, even less. You can even get an apartment or at least rent a room on Airbnb for like €20 or €30 a night where you might have to take a subway to get around.Now I am standing in front of the very famous Notre Dame Cathedral, and I’m going to give you my quick impression review of Paris as a city for meeting girls.First, let’s get to the most important part: the women, how hot are the women. They’re just kind of like thin like they don’t eat too much food and not too much butt, not too hips, not too breasts, so you kind of have that waif-look.

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