Speed dating events cape town 2016

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This Matchmaking Festival boasts a history nearly 150 years old, harking back to when fellows from the surrounding farmlands would come to town in search of ladies to woo. The curious antics of mating Europeans prove that dating can also be a spectator sport. The programme is all over the place – in a good way – fostering creativity and enlightenment through art that’s nothing if not thought-provoking.

Today’s event features speed-dating, pub crawls, barn dances, horse racing and lots of business for the legendary local matchmaker, Willie Daly, who is said to have hooked up hundred of lovebirds. Newcastle, Australia Performances, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, panels. A music festival with a heart, Lake of Stars is as much about helping people and improving the local economy as it is about providing a transformative experience for festival-goers.

On 6 October the Rotary Club of Wynberg took 21 young children to enjoy a day scratching for gems at Simonstown Scratch Patch and lunch at the beach.

The annual children’s day out is a Wynberg favourite and meaningful experience in the hearts of children who’ve not been to the beach yet alone finding gems at a gem stone patch.

Normally held in mid-March, this year the City Hall underwent a major refurbishment of the auditorium and we had to delay the performance to end September.

Our concerns about the postponement were unfounded, and both evenings’ concerts on the Saturday and Sunday were sold out again, as they have been for the last 5 years or so.

It is custom now a day for special guests to be welcomed to our club with a rap tune which the club has got to enjoy at DG visits and Induction nights.

Rotary later provided yummy fish and chips which was enjoyed at Seafourth Beach Simonstown where the children spent hours playing in the sand while the water washed up and kept them cool.

year that Wynberg Rotary Club has staged The Last Night of the Proms in Cape Town City Hall.

By increasing tourism to the small country and offering investments of time and money – from donations of ticket sales benefitting flood relief efforts, to attendees volunteering with partner charities like the Micro Loan Foundation – the festival is dedicated to improving the lives of Malawians.

For visitors, it offers a lineup of Western and African acts, along with a side programme of poetry readings, workshops, theatre performances and film screenings, plus a beautiful lake setting for water sports and mesmerising sunrises. Tarragona, Spain Catch Catalonia’s fabled human towers in action at this annual competition, pitting 32 tower teams against one another for who can create the tallest and most difficult-to-build human constructions.

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