Spiritual leadership in dating friends to dating back to friends

However, her lifestyle and kindness so impressed Mark that he began to meet with her pastor and some of her other friends.

In fact, TWW has documented his strict views on this subject.

Females in many conservative complementarian churches are to "acquire" a man who is their "spiritual leader." Of course, just like other catch all words, a "spiritual leader" is ill-defined.

I asked one young woman, who said she wishes to marry such a leader, to define a spiritual leader in a marriage. She muttered something about "He asks me about my prayer life and makes sure I read my Bible." I asked her what happens to women who do not marry.

Is Interfaith Marriage Always Wrong, Given that the Bible Teaches Us Not to Be ' Unequally Yoked?

' Link The article featured responses from Mark Regenerus link, Naomi Schaefer Riley link, and Russell Moore link.

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